The Garden Tower Composter: The Most Optimum, Multifunctional Gardening Equipment

 Garden Tower Composter

The food we consume today has become highly unsafe due to the chemical fertilizers that are being added to the soil, so as to help plants to grow and increase their produce. To overcome this and many other issues people are switching to organic produce and eco-friendly farming or gardening. We also face a lot of issues with regard to space constraints to grow our food. A Startup called Garden Tower Project has come up with an amazing product called Garden Tower composter which seeks to address all the above issues.

You would have questions like, what is the garden tower composter and how to use it. Websites like can give you a good idea of how the Garden Tower Composter can be used. In this blog, I am going to give you an idea of what the Garden Tower Composter is And why it’s the best you could ever find.

The garden tower composter comes with a 5 layer-10 planting pit, rotating soil holder. There is a vermicomposting tube with an opening at the top to add your organic waste and worms running through the 5 layer tower. The bottom most part of the tower has a 2-gallon capacity compost tea collector which is removable.

The way it works is that you add soil to the rotating tower and plant up to 50 plants in the planting pits and keep adding organic waste to the vermicompost tube that runs through the tower along with worms. The worms decompose the organic waste. The vermicompost tube contains lots of holes to allow easy movement of worms through the tower and helps the roots reach the compost and absorb nutrients directly from the compost. The nutrient tea is collected in the bottom most tea collector which can be removed once full and poured into the tower from the top to nourish the soil.You can give the tower a turn as and when you have the time.

The major advantages of using this tower are that you can grow up to 50 plants in 4 sq ft of space. This minimal requirement of space allows you to use the garden tower anywhere. This nourished by vermicompost and hence eliminates the need for fertilizers, pesticides, and continuous monitoring. This Garden Tower composter converts organic waste into nutrient rich compost in short duration and makes the same nutrient rich compost available to the plants instantly this process eliminates the need for human intervention in transferring the compost to the plants. The nutrient rich tea is also collected simultaneously at the bottom which can be returned to the tower as and when required this nutrient-rich tea flows from the top of the tower to the bottom providing nutrients to all the plans in the tower.

The Garden Tower Composter is extremely efficient because you can turn your organic waste into nutritious soil and be able to harvest organic fresh highly nutritious plant produce in a short duration of time. The time consumed in maintaining the Garden Tower Composter is extremely low. Due to the vermicomposting system in the garden Tower composter, you can eliminate the use of herbicides pesticides and other harmful fertilizers and Chemicals. The garden Tower composter is extremely efficient in all climatic conditions as a respect of the climatic condition the nutrients and water are retained within the tower allowing minimal evaporation the Garden Tower is designed in a way that it allows proper sunlight availability to all plants growing the tower.

All these features of the garden Tower composter make it the most multifunctional and best gardening equipment you could have ever bought.

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