Celebrities’ Burgeoning Addiction To The Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormones (HGH) has the rising popularity after the researchers claim it as the fountain of youth. With Hormone Clinics promoting Growth hormones freely, this career-saving vial becomes the trend of the Hollywood industry and has seeded a billion dollar market. From celebrity stars, filmmakers, makeover professionals to studio persons, everyone flaunts the benefits of obtaining a wrinkle-free skin, trimmed belly and increased libido.

Ladies on the verge of menopause faces many complications, according to https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/publication/menopause-0. They are also benefited to some extent with the HGH. Let us examine how the HGH receives far attention in using it as an anti-aging material.

While there are many controversies relating to the risk factors of HGH as a youth maintaining hormone, many studies oppose the view. HGH has good effects on the body compositions other than growth increase. People who are naturally deficient with growth hormone due to pituitary failure have a higher risk of fatty deposits, with lean muscles and bones. This eventually mimics all aging symptoms in your body. With the HGH injections, these age-defying effects are reversed, giving an improved muscle tone and bone density, with no deposits.

Athletes use HGH for increased performance. However, many countries banned the practice due to safety issues. While miraculous water therapy is used for aging, many believe in instant vial therapy which gives faster results. HGH slows down the aging clock rapidly than those rejuvenating waters available in the market. People no longer wish to wait for a longer period for visible results with the therapy. HGH awaits the approval of FDA for its brilliant effects on reducing wrinkles. Researches are still going on to get more evidence on the same studies.

The long-term consequences are a bit worrying as few studies show the incidence of cancer and heart attacks. However, every medical treatment has its own complications, so as the case with the HGH. Artificial injection of any drug molecules may have devastating effects on the body. Since HGH has numerous benefits compared to the negative implications, it cannot be considered as an injurious mode of therapy.

The GH many other positive impacts on the body. Now, doctors prefer to HGH for the treatment of obesity. The massive fat deposits are thus removed with this hormone that can avoid many lifestyle disorders like diabetes, heart attack and cholesterol. A handful of studies suggest that elderly are much privileged to get higher bone density and muscle mass endurance by injecting HGH. However, on higher doses, there are certain concerns regarding the side-effects, like carpal tunnel syndrome, edema, and fluid retention, which can be nullified if started with low dosages.

In a nutshell, HGH is emerging as an effective replacement therapy for aging and muscle strength. Although limited studies are available regarding the long-term efficacy of the drug, it can be chosen as a side-lined treatment for adults and elderly. Complete adherence may not be recommended, however, with healthy eating habits and lifestyles, along with the HGH injection can give marvellous results.