Considering the Different San Diego Breast Augmentation Options

When deciding on breast augmentation, there are several options to choose from, and you need to research on the internet and talk to your friends who have knowledge of the same or experienced it. At last, discussing with your breast surgeon is the best thing as he or she will suggest you the option that is best suited for you. When choosing a plastic surgeon, you need to make sure that the doctor has all the necessary credentials that are needed including a board certification to carry out plastic surgery. You need to keep in mind that the plastic surgeon handles many procedures including the breast augmentation San Diego procedure, and so his or her suggestion will be the best.

When it comes to the material that is used for the implant, there is no concrete reason to choose the saline filled implants, but these are more palpable and less durable than the implants that are silicone filled. Unless you are specific about the cost of the surgery, you can choose silicone filled implants as these will be the right ones. These are more natural to touch and feel, more durable and also secure. The implants that are smooth and round result in natural give a natural result as the shaped implants with not much threat of secondary issues connected with them.

For a natural result, the size of the implant is very important. The implant should be placed below the muscle where the risk of capsular contracture of the least. The extended term effects of the implants that are placed sub-glandularly are unsatisfactory resulting in visible and palpable ripping across the boarder implant, the visible contour of the implant in the central chest region, and more severe ptosis or sagging of the breast gland from the implant. The subpectoral implant can give better results to a fuller or slightly saggy breast.