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Usually, the most visible and accessible line of defense available against the risk posed by fire is fire extinguishers. Whenever a fire breaks in the building, first response to tackle it, is to extinguish it to stop it from spreading further. Hence it tops the list of products with the biggest market for any extinguisher company. In recent times, companies and the fire department has been approaching social sources to bring more and more literacy about fire safety. In fact, there had been an elaborate article published promoting fire safety inspection in recently.

Types of Extinguisher
Before going ahead with the installation, depending upon several factors, including the type of fire hazard, suitable type of extinguisher should be bought. Various classes are- Class A- suitable for carbonaceous material like paper and wood. Class B for liquid fire, Class C for the fire involving flammable gases, Class D for the fire of metallic nature and Class F for the fire involving cooking oil and Fat. Based upon the nature of the business and probable threat Fire Extinguisher should be installed.

Our Responsivity does not get over just be installing fire safety equipment. Proper maintenance should be done on a periodic basis to ensure optimum performance at the time of any tragedy. Certain easy guidelines to be followed in this regard involve, it should be located at a readily accessible place., the extinguisher should be adequately charged at all times. Should check that pull pin is properly secured within the handle and held in place by tamper seal, instruction label should be visible guiding the user to bring it in action smoothly. Last of it all is to check the equipment body for any dent, crack or rust which can be potentially dangerous.

Regular inspection by the extinguisher company expert team of all the instruments placed is very necessary. Also, the administrators and managers of the facility should in collaboration with firefighting team perform drills to educate people about its importance and protocol to be followed.

Under the Fire safety reforms like NFPA 1, Fire Code and the International Fire Code, businesses should abide by the law to install and maintain mandatory fire safety systems. Further to promote community and businesses to participate in such reforms actively, the government has come up with some advantages which can be availed:
1. Insurance benefits: Special rates of insurance are offered if necessary fire safety equipment has been installed and periodically inspected. The insured need to submit confirmation or certificates to insurance company ensuring the framework in place is thoroughly tested for any emergency.

2. Income Tax Benefits: By furnishing certain paperwork and proofs, companies can also avail certain relaxations in Income Tax.

3. Life safety code compliance: Ensure that proper framework and protocol is in place in the building for safe evacuation and protection of occupants if there is any fire incident taking place.

4. Lability Avoidance: At the time of occurrence of an unfortunate incident, since there is a huge loss of property and life, post analysis can be really critical can become a legal threat to the builder, administrator of the premises, if the fire safety norms have not been adhered to.

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