Hilton Head Vacation Destinations

Hilton Head Vacations are special as they can be entertaining for the entire family. Before the vacation is being planned, there are many things that need to be known about the Hilton head vacations, which would help in making sure that the traveling is comfortable and enjoyable. Planning ahead for the vacation also helps in enjoying the sounds and sights of the island. If you are interested in doing cool stuff with your family, you must check out the latest information at oceanfronthhi.com. For more details on the place check http://www.hiltonheadislandsc.gov/departments/commdev/demographics.cfm.

Most of the tourists traveling to the Hilton Heads Island choose to drive to the island so that they could have their own car. It is important to have individual cars for use during the stay on the island as it will be necessary to drive throughout the island for different experiences and to visit different attractions like the beaches, golf courses, etc. However, people also choose to fly to any airports that are near the airports and rent a car from there to the Hilton Head Island. The Savannah airport in Georgia is one of the airports that are nearest to the island, which is about a 45 minutes drive from the island. There are also flights that come in directly to the Hilton heads island airport, which may be more costly and less frequent.

There are also ferries that go to Hilton Head Islands from Savannah, Georgia. The ferries can cut down the overall traveling time; however, this depends on the starting point. Traveling through the ferries would save a lot of time which would help in getting the vacation started early. The only drawback with the ferries is that they do not transport cars. Hence it will be a necessity to rent a car on the island.

Main tourist attractions
The Beach and Golf are considered the main tourist attractions of the Hilton Head Islands. The main focus of the Hilton Head Tourism is the beach. For a walk along the shore, a low tide can be chosen and during the high tide, there will be surfing and tourists are most likely to be spending their time in the waves and the sand. Another main attraction on the island is golfing. There are about 25 golf courses to choose from and it can be chosen directly on the island, around the Lowcountry, Daufuskie Island, and Fripp Island which are all accessible through ferry trips. Tourists can bring their own clubs, golf links and can draw players from all over the world. There are also golf classes for beginners and experts also visit the place to play a few rounds of golf.

Apart from beaches and golfing and cycling is also one of the major activities which the tourists participate with enthusiasm. Hilton Head Island has bike trails that stretch two miles, with different levels of difficulty. Some cyclists bring their own cycle, but the island has numerous rental shops where the cycles can be rented.

Other things like shopping, fishing, ecotourism also hold the attention of the tourists as there are numerous shops and stores for shopping, fishing tours, and a great natural ecosystem. There are also boat tours which involve close encounters with dolphins.

Are Teenagers More Susceptible To STDs?

Sexually Transmitted Infections affect people of all ages and all economic levels. The last few years witnessed a drastic increase in the incidence of STDs all over the world. But another strange and alarming aspect concerning this increase is the fact that teenagers account for nearly half of the 20 million new victims of STDs every year. According to the STD testing in LA, one in every 4 of sexually active girls below the age of 25 ends up contracting any kind of STD. The Centre for Disease Control estimates that, youth only make up one third of the sexually driven population; however, over half of them are showing signs of STDs in the United States every year. It is pathetic to see that, the future generation are deterring their productivity due to over-exploitation of sex and pleasure. This proves that screening for STDs is critical. Recently a research was conducted in UK and published in the website https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/sexually-transmitted-infections-stis-surveillance-data-screening-and-management revealing that most of the teenage cases of STDs have multiple sex partners during their lives. The heavy toll on young people with STDs eventually results in infertility and even death too.

Most of Sexually Transmitted Diseases do not have initial symptoms, or are symptomless throughout the period of infection. They can be contagious even to the embryo inside the womb, causing pelvic inflammation leading to tubular pregnancy or infertility. In women, some strains can even cause cervical cancers due to HPV infection. It can easily be transmitted from mother to baby during or after birth. There are fewer chances for new-born babies to be successfully treated. Passive skin to skin contact can also lead to STD and you don’t have to go for any oral or vaginal sex to get it.

Youth are more prone to sexual infections due to many reasons. Young women have bodies that are biologically more prone to STDs. They do not go for the recommended tests for screening STDs and are less likely to be honest even when they go for a check-up. Negligence and an easy-going attitude are the other disturbing factors among youngsters. Access to testing centres may be limited for some of the cases too. Careful methods are adopted to control its spread further. Many of them are curable and some can be treated efficiently. Use of alcohol or drugs increase the chance of getting STDs since people do not care using safety measures under its influence. Unprotected sex can have detrimental effects on people with STDs. If proper care and treatment are not taken into concern, it can cause even death.

Education and counselling have to be adopted as a means to control and prevent STDs. Evaluation can be of addressing major strategies of sexual health. That means, in a nutshell this can be described in 5 P’s: Partners, Prevention of pregnancy, Protection from STDs, Practices, and Past history of STDs. Addressing this information with patients creates an opportunity for physicians to provide counselling and education while taking into account each patient’s individual risk factors and goals.